Tiberius Research Essay

Topics: Tiberius, Augustus, Caligula Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: August 29, 2012
Assess the strengths and weakness of Tiberius as princeps

Tiberius was not favoured as becoming emperor when the emperor before Augustus primarily wanted his grandsons to take over his reign when he passed. The reason begin is due to the fact that Tiberius was from Claudian descendants, his mother and father divorced and then his mother remarried Augustus who is of Julian blood- Tiberius was later adopted by Augustus making him his step-son. The preferred rulers by Augustus were his grandson’s, members of direct descendant Lucius and Gaius Caesar but they died at an early age as well as his favoured stepson Drusus also passing. Leaving Tiberius to take over, he had come from a strong military background-Michael Grant on the adoption of Tiberius believed that “Augustus making the best of a bad situation” also “did it for the state, expressed reluctance as he (Augustus ) did not feel that Tiberius had the right sort of character for the job”. Augustus had died by natural causes by according to Suetonius who questioned Tiberius succession was awarded to him primarily as the princeps wanted a Julian to succeed over him- “Tiberius revealed Augustus death only after getting rid of young Agrippa Postumus”. Tiberius had the senate to confer the principate to him, Tiberius took reign when he was 55 and with the hard strenuous work he would have to endure caused him to become hesitant with the position , also with his unpopularity with the people has he is not a blood Julian. Also he was self-conscious about his ability to control and maintain the senate and was worried he could not uphold his reign with the same flare and ease as Augustus. In the end Tiberius accepted the powers of the princeps- he wanted to rule as well as Augustus and showed little interest in gaining popularity with the people, wanted to rule with traditional links and established a strong military image and improve on the foreign policy. Tiberius could be described as...
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