Tiananmen Square Massacre

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  • Published : August 6, 2011
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Tiananmen Square Massacre
Tiananmen Square is in the centre of Beijing. It was the main grounds for protesters in 1989. Students travelled across the country to Tiananmen Square to protest against the Communist government’s corruptions for more freedom. Thousands of students attended to fight for their rights of freedom and education etc. On the 4th of June 1989, the Chinese government took action in protecting their power from the people and the peace in their country. They sent in the People’s Liberation Army to try and control the scene. Some accounts say that the soldiers started the shooting and others say that they only retaliated to protect themselves. There are many different accounts of what actually happened, these accounts are written by some of the student leaders, western journalists and observers and the Chinese government. They suggest different reasons for the massacre, who started the violence and how many died. Because of this, it is almost impossible for historians to find out what actually happened. A few days after the event, the Chinese government published their version of what happened at Tiananmen Square. According to the government, the troops showed restraint to minimise the number of deaths inflicted by themselves or the protestors. Not only was their aim to stop the protests, they were also protecting people, including people who were ignorant of the truth. They said that the students were unlawful, that they barricaded the city’s main avenues and stirred up residents in their homes to get them to join the protests. Some of the students were even said to have insulted the officers and soldiers and some threw stones and steel rods and also attacked the soldiers with knives and daggers. “Many military trucks were smashed and burned. One after another officers and soldiers were injured and fell to the ground. Rioters even cruelly killed and kidnapped wounded soldiers on their way to hospital. When night fell, it was more difficult for...
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