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Key Points in Learning Foreign Language
Language is a communication tool. Individuals living in a society communicate with each other by using the same language. Today in our full-speed improving and changing world, nations have to communicate with each other. In other words, using a foreign language besides your mother tongue is the one and only way to exchange information, to maintain economical relations and to express yourself.

Unquestionably, acquiring a language is a hard and never-ending road and man can only develop himself by his perseverence. Do not ever forget that the best way to learn a language of a new country is to live there. If you do not have that opportunity, you can learn a language by applying the rules below.

As your level improves stop using a Turkish dictionary and use a dictionary in that language itself! For instance look up a word whose meaning you do not know in an English-English dictionary. At first it will be a bit difficult but by forming this habit you will become used to these definitions and learn to express yourself naturally.

Try to be exposed to the target language as much as possible. Linguists mention that the more the rate of exposure to acquire mother tongue increases, the faster kids are able to acquire their language. For instance , it is said that the kids who start speaking late are mostly the ones who are not spoken to a lot and are ignored by their parents so they are not exposed to the language. In Second Language Learning the process is a bit different but the importance of exposure is the same.

Evaluate the opportunities in using that language. Try as much as possible to listen and practise speaking. Cassetes, CD, English news papers are good opportunities for that.

Always carry a small story book and your vocabulary book! Evaluate your free time at the bus stop, at break-time, in travel or anytime efficiently.

Study daily even if it takes very little time. You cut your connection with a language when it is not studied. As we all know language is ungrateful. It is quite common that even the ones who use other languages but their own, may forget their own mother tongue. Therefore if a foreign language is not our mother tongue, it is normally easily forgotten. Try not to take a break from your studies.

Do not fear in making mistakes in learning a foreign language. Try to use new words or key set phrasesas often as possible. If you are afraid of making mistakes, you avoid using that language and use it less. Language skills are only developed by being used a lot.

Keep a vocabulary book for yourself. It would be better if it is colorful. The preference is yours but it should be practical.

Jot down every word you have learnt. If possible write them in sentences in coloured pens again.

You can also note down the place or the person that you learnt the new language from as a reminder.

Again, as a reminder, use pictures and symbols near the words that you have learnt.

Leave a blank below every word. You may use these blanks for the words you learn later or for synonyms. Use the same method for the other words, which are related to each other, so that it becomes easier to learn when you hear the related words.

As you keep a vocabulary book regularly, you can feel motivated and elevated.

You must use the words you have learnt in new sentences and real-life situations.

Learning language requires a lot of patience. Don’t be discouraged when you fail and keep your motivation high.

Reading foreign periodicals will be beneficial. Note down any new words in your vocabulary book and try to use them as often as possible.

The danger is that the words you put in your vocabulary book may be forgotten. Ask your friends to ask you their meaning in order to remember them.

Memorize the words or some key set phrases.

Every person has their own techniques to memorise words. You can develop your own method by yourself. Some people learn...
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