Thy Womb and Missing the Target

Topics: Marriage, Sociology, Film Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Thy Womb and Missing the Target

Mendoza’s Thy Womb certainly was not lacking in the areas of cinematography and sound quality. Unlike regular masa films that repel higher class moviegoers with their slightly pixelated picture and muffled dubbing, Thy Womb boasts a crisp picture with a fitting scoring. Only complementing that is the breathtaking grandeur of the surroundings which includes a stroke of luck for the director with the appearance of two Whale Sharks. However, eye-candy is not enough to capture the hearts of the audience. A pretty picture is only just a picture when the message being conveyed is not seen by the viewers. That is my concern with Thy Womb.

The plot was very slow-paced. Although the conflict was introduced very early in the film, the resolution to this dragged on really long in what Hollywood films would compress into ten minutes or so. For a viewer like me who is used to fast progressing story lines, the sluggish development was quite a turn-off. That is a big issue since the audience today is used to things like instant coffee and fast loading times for web videos. It is possible for the viewers to be focused on how the plot is so dragging that they miss the point of the film. That could be the reason for the film’s poor performance in cinemas.

A critical eye however, would find a certain elegance in how the film slowly develops its community and characters. After further analysis, I was able to discern a possible point being driven at by the film. The film seems to dilly-dally with scenes and events that have nothing to do with the actual conflict, the search for a second wife for Bangas-An. These scenes however, have a theme when put together. They feature how the community values tradition and religion. Several festivals, rituals, and practices were featured in the film. Some were performed at the expense of the safety of involved parties. Especially focused on is the tradition of putting the husband’s wishes over the wife and...
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