Thutmose Iii

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Thutmose III was quite a warrior prince of Thebes and arguably, the greatest of all militaristic Pharaohs in Egyptian history. Unlike many Pharaohs before and after him, he did not permit his military training and experience in war to narrow his intellect. He was no military mechanic or a mere technician of war; instead, he was an integral man who retained his interest in all topics like: botany, biology, religion, warfare, literature and language, and architecture to the end of his life. Thutmose III later was considered one of history’s greatest patrons of arts, architecture and culture. When he was not at war, he focused heavily on affairs of the states and fostering internal growth. His broad understanding of his world sharpened his already literate, comprehensive and adaptive mind, and his early education and training prepared him to reason clearly. He was a brilliant strategic thinker. It is to him that Egypt owes the beginning of a new strategic vision that permitted a once defeated and narrow-minded society to become a great nation of imperial dimensions that ruled the entire Middle East and Northwest Africa for years to come.

Military Campaigns of Thutmose III

Thutmose III was a fair-minded and sincere Pharaoh, who was very gifted militarily. He was a brilliant general who never lost a battle, and eventually merited him the title, “Napoleon of Egypt” (coined by American Egyptologist James Henry Breasted) and even ancient Egypt’s Alexander the Great. This gifted military genius showed that he understood the many aspects to war and showed he understood the value of logistics and lines of supply, the necessity of rapid movement, sudden surprise attacks and prominent advancements to the technology used by the Egyptian standing army. Thutmose III, known for wearing his famous “Blue War Crown” into battle, was himself an accomplished horseman, archer, athlete, and administrator. Unlike many other Pharaohs and military leaders, Thutmose...
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