Topics: Thunderstorm, Tornado, Lightning Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: December 6, 2012
There are several types of lightning:
* In-cloud lightning is the most common. It is lightning within a cloud and is sometimes called intra-cloud or sheet lightning. * Cloud to ground lightning is when a bolt of lightning from a cloud strikes the ground. This form poses the greatest threat to life and property. * Ground to cloud lightning is when a lightning bolt is induced from the ground to the cloud. * Cloud to cloud lightning is rarely seen and is when a bolt of lightning arcs from one cloud to another. * Ball lightning is extremely rare and has several hypothesized explanations. It is seen in the form of a 15 to 50 centimeter radius ball. * Cloud to air lightning is when lightning from a cloud hits air of a different charge. * Dry lightning is a misnomer that refers to a thunderstorm whose precipitation does not reach the ground. * Heat Lightning refers to a lightning flash that is seen from the horizon that does not have accompanying thunder. * Upper-atmospheric lightning occurs above the thunderhead. Single-cell:

* A single thunderstorm with one main updraft
* Also known as air-mass thunderstorms
* Typical in the summer
* Also occur in the cool unstable air that follows a cold front from the sea in the winter * Last 20-30 minutes
Multi-cell Thunderstorms:
* Most common type of thunderstorm
* Mature thunderstorms are found at the center of the cluster with dissipating thunderstorms are on the outside * Form as clusters but may evolve into multi-cell or squall lines * Form from convective updrafts in or near mountain ranges and linear weather boundaries, usually cold fronts or troughs of low pressure * Stronger than a single-cell thunderstorm

* They often produce medium-sized hail, flash flooding, and weak tornadoes Multi-cell Lines:
* Also known as squall lines
* A long line of severe thunderstorms that form along or ahead of cold fronts * Contain heavy precipitation, hail,...
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