Thunder and Lightning

Topics: Cloud, Tornado, Electric charge Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Thunder and lightning speech:

Have you ever seen tall, dark puffy clouds forming on a hot humid afternoon? These clouds bring thunder and lightning. It’s pretty hard to believe that the sky can create electricity and roaring thunder. In my speech i am going to tell you first of what thunder and lightning are, when they should be expected and where they come from.

First off the clouds that bring the thunder and lightning and other foul weather are called cumulonimbus clouds, sometimes nicknamed "thunderheads." They can actually form any time of day when the temperature falls rapidly higher up in the sky. These tall dark clouds are full of moisture and contain strong up and down air currents. Cumulonimbus clouds may tower more than 50,000 feet, and cover from just a few square miles up to two hundred square miles. Cumulonimbus originates from Latin: Cumulus "accumulated" and nimbus "rain". These clouds can form alone or in clusters. They create lightning through the heart of the cloud. Cumulonimbus clouds form from cumulus clouds and can further develop into a super cell, a severe thunderstorm with special features. You can expect to see lightning and hear thunder not long after you see a cumulonimbus cloud.

Now To put it simply, lightning is electricity. It forms in the strong up-and-down air currents inside tall dark cumulonimbus clouds as water droplets, hail, and ice crystals collide with one another. Scientists believe that these collisions build up charges of electricity in a cloud. The positive and negative electrical charges in the cloud separate from one another. When the difference in the charges becomes large enough, a flow of electricity moves from the cloud down to the ground or from one part of the cloud to another, or from one cloud to another cloud.

When the positive charges on the ground leap upward to meet the negative charges, the rough downward path of the negative charges suddenly lights up with a brilliant flash of light. Because...
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