Throughout Life I Have Had a Dream

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Commitment to Excellence
Throughout life I have always had dreams and goals to a commitment to excellence. From a young age I dreamt of being a ballerina one day then years later my ambition of becoming a ballerina faded away and changed into something new and more realistic. With having this big picture drawn out in my head of accomplishments I want to reach I have created a drive and strong ambition; most people refer to this as having a “fire in your belly”. Because I am constantly trying to pursue these goals it causes me to constantly be on my toes and has me alert and ready for what my future may have in store for me. Part of being well prepared of what my future will consist of includes research on how I will get there and what obstacles may or may not get in my path when trying hard to do so. For example it is extremely important for me to have knowledge on what to expect in college when trying to study and take educational courses to reach my current goal of becoming a pediatric nurse. As well as being greatly informed on a major obstacle that is in the process of affecting my future is the budget mess California is in which further leads to proposition thirty.

When going to college to pursue a degree in nursing there are several steps to take to make sure you get all the adequate courses completed. If the student is looking into getting a degree in nursing and only wants to get their associates in nursing it only takes two years, and then the student can pursue their career. On the other hand, I hope to further my education on and get my bachelors of science in nursing. An article states, “Earning a bachelor’s degree and a nursing license typically provides more opportunities for students than an associate’s degree.” (Roco Suppa) Although the nursing field is so wide range and in constant demand it is important that I explore all my options for the best possible outcome. The article continues by stating, “The nursing field is currently the...
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