Through Deaf Eyes Review

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  • Published : May 30, 2011
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Through Deaf Eyes
By Joshua Curtis|

Instructor: Anisa Guy Class: ASL103-05

Through Deaf Eyes let me really see how the Deaf culture sees the world. The video let me appreciate the deaf culture more and understand it better. Deaf people suffered many hardships through the years but opportunities for them are growing more and more. The way hearing view Deaf culture is becoming more and more accepting. Parents of deaf children have to face many tough decisions on how to help their child succeed in life. When I look at a deaf person or hard of hearing person, I look at them a lot different now than I did growing up. Through my grade school years our school had special classes for students with handicaps and disabilities. We had one student named Josh (He was hard of hearing), who went to our school for a couple of years. He would go to his special class in the morning and then join the regular class later in the day. Josh was one of the first hard of hearing persons I have ever met. He seemed normal but I associated him as having a handicap or disability because he went to the “special class”. So from there I always associated deaf people as having a handicap. Josh would occasionally get special treatment because I think people felt bad for him because he was hard of hearing. I remember him having a portable microphone that had to be passed around to everyone who spoke or else he couldn’t hear. I know you may be wondering where I’m going with this because it is not about the movie, but after watching Through Deaf Eyes, it took me back to elementary school and let me see what life was like through his eyes.

I know Josh struggled through school because he wanted to fit in with the rest of the class that was hearing. He didn’t want to be treated different than others but he had to be treated special in ways in order to be able to hear the teacher or other students. I don’t ever recall Josh having very many friends in school and I...
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