Thrilling 3 Years

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Thrilling 3 Years

The first three years of my university life has really been thrilling, exciting and eventful. A lot of memories that I have collected will be in my heart forever.

I am Sheikh Rashed, from a beautiful village named “Chalklokman” of the famous city “Bogra” where I passed my childhood and major portion of my teen-age. After completion of my S.S.C & H.S.C from Bogra, I moved into Dhaka for my higher education with no real hope of getting myself admitted into any renowned public university. So it was more than a dream-come-true for me to study in the University of Dhaka, The Oxford of the east. Now in explaining the three years that I have completed hare the best possible words would be thrilling & rushing for me.

The first day at university, one of the most talked tropics, was also special to me. I was very nervous and afraid. I remember stepping into the classroom with the heavy baggy dresses, common to native villagers but funny to city dwellers. The teacher greeted us warmly and asked our identity. I was charmed seeing people from so many parts of the country. I felt nervous seeing the proud and bold faces around me, but however managed some friends, still in good tie, to talk with.

Coming to the academic three years, the experience is both sweet and sour to me. Unlike my school & college, hare I saw everyone too much afraid about the falling CGPA (whether true for him/her or not). As the students give more time for academic purposes, they find less time for the friendly activities and for enjoyment. I do have good friends out hare but probably I was at a friendlier and easier environment at earlier part of my life.

I got a chance to get close to my classmates at the tour of Sylhet where I visited the beautiful tea gardens of our country, the Madhabkunda-waterfall, and Jaflong.

I know, to be successful there should be no excuse. My academic results have faced a decreasing trend across the years but for some reason I am not...
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