Three Whys of the Russian Revolution

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  • Published : December 3, 2011
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Three “Whys” of the Russian Revolution

Why did Tsarism fall according to Pipes?

Firstly, as to answering the question Why did Tsarism fall?, unlike revisionists, Pipes argues that the fall of Tsarism was not preordained, there is no specific explanation or reason by itself to answer this question. Pipes uses the example of an apple tree(pg.9); “When you shake an apple tree and apples come cascading down, what “causes” them to fall? Is it the shaking of the tree? Is it the ripeness of the fruit which would have made them fall down, sooner or later, anyway?...In dealing with human events, we find similar levels of explanation, from the most specific to the most general,and it is next to impossible to ascertain which of them determines the outcome. In other words it can state that Tsarism collapsed because it was meant to fall, or because it was falling already, or the actions that made it fall. It starts of by stating how people believed Tsarism would last a long time, and even mention that not even Lenin predicted the fall of Tsardom (pg.12). One of the strong reasons Pipes disagrees with the historians who believe that the revolution was inevitable. Pipes said one another reason would be, that the intellectuals were the ones who told the government the complains of the people. Therefore when they did it, they would appeal for a change in the governmental system. While the peasants just wanted immediate changes for their own interest. An example that occurred was Bloody Sunday, which not only workers put the intellectuals create a petition, and cause the first Russian Revolution. Another major factor that contributed to the end of the Tsardom was the lack of feudalism, all of the power in the country concentrated mainly in the “hands” and on the crown of the tzar. Like pipes explains with his philosophical metaphor the Russian state at the time was just like a bunch of wires together and as soon as one of them would split the whole the thing would crumble...
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