Three Ways to Become Responsible People

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Three Ways to Become Responsible People

By | October 2012
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Three Ways to Become Responsible People
By: Yifei Chen
Nowadays, more and more people have a lot of requirements when they find boyfriends or girlfriends. The most important requirement for a lover is that he or she must be a responsible people. We believe that a person can’t be called “adult” until having responsibility. So it is necessary for parents to raise the children to become responsible people. There are three kinds of activities which can help them. Let kids do their own things, ask kids to do family things, and make kids feel proud when they are responsible. The first way and the most difficult step of whole is to let children do their own things by themselves. There are many children who don’t have any ability to live when they leave their parents. Because of the deep love from mother and father, children couldn’t grow up. So parents should teach their kids to let them become independent. In my country, parents always have this mistake with their kids. So the first step is very difficult for not only children but also parents. Despite that, we must do this because it is necessary for the second step. The second way to help children become responsible people is to ask them to help other around them. Nobody is alone. We all love in a group. Children must have family, friends, and others like teachers. Becoming kind and helping others are the key activities for kids to turn adults. It is easy for us to do some housework for mom. Either taking care of the little or cleaning classrooms for teachers is responsible activity. While children are helping others, they also can make new friends and become welcome. Although doing these things is easy, sometimes kids feel tired and can’t persist in it. So we need the last step indeed. The last and the most important step is to make children enjoy the behaviors and be proud of their responsibility. When kids do their own things and help others, parents should agree with them and give some awards. That lets kids...

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