Three Union Models

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Three Union Models
The unions models are workers compete with one another in selling their labor services. When a union is formed in an otherwise competitive labor market, it usually bargains with a relatively large number of employers. They bargain the wages and benefits for labors with the people in the management. The three union models is Demand enhancement, Exclusive or Craft Union and Industrial union model. Demand enhancement model is a part of the Union where if an union wants, they can make a attempt to increasing the demands. Exclusive or Craft Union model is where the union can help to boost the wage rates by reducing the supply of labors. This one requirement includes; level of education, amount of work experience, and etc. This also models increase competition wages and earing for those in the occupation. The characteristic of this model is that the union can exclusive if the members are skilled in their craft. This model union is filled with unskilled and semi-skilled laborer. An industrial union that includes virtually all available workers in its membership can put firms under great pressure to agree to its wage demands. They have the legal rights to strike to threaten to deprive firms of their entire labor supply. A union is formed to look after the benefits of the work force not steal from the work force. It has many goals, the most important of which is to raise wage rates. Its can pursue that goal in many ways.
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