Three Type of Muscle Tissue

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Weight loss Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Ciarra Perkins
Dr. Edoziem
RENG 92 1103
15 October, 2012
Word Count:349 Health Problem

Health problems are the number one cause of deaths. Health problems can be avoided if you take better care of yourself and body. By exercise, healthy eating, and staying active because keeping on a good healthy body and life make you feel better, be better, and live strong and longer. In today’s, world you hear on every day that many Americans are overweight and most developed heart problems, diabetes, DIE etc… There are many health problems that people nowadays go through. The cause of many health problems are lack of exercise, bad eating habits, and a history of bad genius. So many people walk around not knowing and some not caring of their health enough to go get check out and find the problems and change it, but there are ways to prevent having health problems. Ways to prevent from having health problems are one to exercise. If you exercise on a daily basic then you would or can keep up with good health. Basic exercise tips are to started with a simple walk around the park, a little jog in the morning, and time to time with sit ups. Keeping a daily routine of these exercise tips will make you feel good, look good, and feel better for your- self knowing that you are in good health. Having a bad eating habit is another way of having health problems. As people 9 out 10 will choice having the greasy fast food then the better way of having a good salad and that have to do with how our society is run around with adverting that fast food is good and its good for you but in reality you slowly killing yourself. I know that those choices can be temping but eating healthy will do you better than having to go through with having...
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