Three Things I Like About Thailand

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Three things I like about Thailand

1. Good for holiday visiting – have many beaches, amusement park and lots of shopping malls to visit during our holiday.

2. Ease of access in the City – We can go to places we want easily by taking bus, taxi, MRT, BTS or boat which make us available to choose by which mean we want to travel.

3. 24-hour available of restaurants – Which is good for everyone who likes to eat. We don’t need to worry about the time to go out for a meal. Especially food shops and restaurants are available till late or 24-hour around the universities.

Three things I dislike about Thailand

1. Language barrier – Hard for foreigners to communicate with the locals.

2. Higher prices – Most of the time I have seen or experienced about asking for the higher prices for any goods if I ask “How much” in English. But if I ask in Thai language the prices are much lower.

3. Higher traffic jam – Now in Bangkok city most of the time the roads are fill with cars and making a heavy traffic jam.

Suggestion on the dislike

1. Language barrier – the locals including taxi drivers, food and clothes sellers should be encouraged to learn Basic English speaking.

2. Higher prices – The sellers should be encouraged to be more ethical.

3. Higher traffic jam – That’s a big deal! Even though there are already over-head bridges and roads, there is still traffic. It would be some sort of a hard matter to slove.
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