Three Theoretical Perspectives

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Three Theoretical Perspective

There are many theoretical perspectives to view society in different ways. I will be writing about the three views most widely used by sociologist. These three view are the functionalist perspective, conflict perspective ,and the interaction perspective. As an example, sports will be looked at by these perspectives. The functional perspective focuses on the way in which parts of society are structured for the stability to be maintained. The key concept of functionalist views is manifest functions, latent functions and societal functions. A functionalist views sports as a way to bring a community, nation, and the world together to bring a feeling a unity, The conflict perspective focuses on society by the tension ,and the struggling between different groups of people. The key concept of the conflict view is inequality and capitalism. A conflict views sports as a way for big businesses to prioritize prophets over the wellbeing of the people participating in the sports. The interactionist perspective focuses on society as active in influencing and affecting social interaction. The key concepts of the interactionist views are symbols, nonverbal communication, and face to face interations. An interactionist views sports as a relationship in the sports world defined by social position. The referees, coaches, and players fall in the social positions. It is also by the status that the individual has by the results of the reputations and performances. The three theoretical functions used in society are the functional perspective, conflict perspective, interactionist perspective. These three perspectives are well debated in society today. There is no right or wrong perspective. It is the perception on how people view society. REFERENCES

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