Three Strategies Using the Code of Conduct to Maintain Professional Boundaries

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Write three strategies explaining how you could use the code of conduct to maintain professional boundaries.

The Code of Conduct for nurses was initiated by the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) to stipulate guidance to nurses and the public on nurses maintaining appropriate professional relationships with health consumers. Nurses must be knowledgeable of their professional responsibility to maintain appropriate personal, sexual and financial boundaries in relationships with current and former health consumers and their families. The code of conduct for nurses allocates standards of professional behaviour that nurses are expected to maintain. It is expected that nurses maintain these standards of conduct within their professional practice and, to some degree, within their personal lives.

Code of Conduct for nurses: Standard 5.8
“Maintain health consumer's confidentiality and privacy by not discussing health consumer's, or practice issues in public places including social media. Even when no names are used, a health consumer could be identified.” This caution applies to social networking sites like Facebook, blogs, emails, Twitter and other electronic communication mediums. Effective nurse-health consumer relationships are established on trust. Privacy relates to the health consumer's expectation and right to be treated with dignity and respect. Health consumer needs to be confident that their most personal information and their basic dignity will be safeguarded by the nurse. Any contravention of trust, unintentionally or not damages the particular nurse-health consumer relationship and the general trustworthiness of the profession of nursing. Nurses need to maintain professional boundaries in the use of social media. Their personal and professional lives need to be separate as far as possible. They have to avoid online relationships with current or former health consumers. The use social media or electronic communication to built or pursue...
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