Three Strategies That You Can Use as a Clinical Research Coordinator

Topics: Baseball statistics, Regression analysis, Standard deviation Pages: 3 (1171 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Describe three strategies that you can use as a clinical research coordinator that will significantly reduce the error in data that you collect. Error is inevitable. How many times have you made a dish from a recipe something has not been deviated. Maybe you were low on flour and had to substitute cornstarch or you did not have almond abstract and had to use lemon. The result may have looked like the picture but I’m sure the taste varied. In research we take limited samples of the population to make it paint a picture of the whole. A site could recruit 100 heart patients and use the information gathered to try to aid the population of 500,000 heart patients worldwide. Is the information true information of the whole or just a theorized snapshot that we cross our fingers and hope works. Dr. Blanson has discussed that “all data collected in research is contaminated with error.” There are many types of error and it is caused by many things. The top three errors I believe clinical research coordinators make are inaccurate observations, made up information, and protocol deviations. I will explain the details of actions you must take, the nature of each error type I will minimize, and how the reduction of this error in the data will improve the statistical analysis of the trial. Inaccurate observation occurs when you misremember or mis-record data. How often are we talking to someone and they say information and we try to recall it later and the details are fuzzy? They might have said the problem occurred at noon and we hear that it occurred in June. What then occurs is that we possibly write down the wrong thing – the thing we misremember. The same things occur in writing things down. We can have all of the information in front of us – printed out and highlight – and for some reason we mis-record the data. Maybe you were tired or maybe your eyesight is not 20/20. In the end it results in inaccurate observation errors that can be avoided. Some...
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