Three Skill

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Eye contact, Communication Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: December 16, 2012
* ALL will describe three skills common to successful sports coaches using examples. (P2) * MOST will explain the three skills common to successful sports coaches using examples. (M2) All coaches must have skills in order for them to become professional sport coach. There are many skills out there that they must have but a few of them are Communication skills which can be used in different methods such as verbally and non-verbally. Another type of skill will be organisation which is all about how good you are with making sure that equipment and the facility you are using is appropriate for the age group you are coaching. The third skill that I will be talking about that a coach would need is time management. It is very important for a sports coach to be on time, firstly because it gives a good example to those who you are coaching and makes them come on time too. The first skill that I will talk about is the Communication skill. Communication skill is vital as you are sharing your information and knowledge with the group you are coaching and allows them to have as much knowledge as you do. In order for you to communicate with the players you must make your message that you are delivering clear and understandable. Other ways of communicating, to ensure an well-organized and effective conversation is by making sure that when you are talking to the group or individually that you are giving them the positive feedback you also tell them what to improve on so that they can work on it. When you are communicating skills non-verbally, you are usually using signals or body language. Both of the signals and body language will alert the players on what you are trying to tell them without having to stop the training. A coach can learn a lot from these expressions from their team or individuals. One of the ways that they can see is by athlete facial expression for example when they are smiling, giggling, nodding their head has an open body posture and has eye...
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