Three Reasons I Am Going to College.

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Three Reasons I am Going to College.
The reason I am going to college is to further my education, so I can open up new job opportunities, have a better future, and live a better lifestyle. These all are very important to me. I am hoping to complete these tasks at a fast pace. I know that they will be difficult if I do not apply myself to my classes. Most of the classes I have are pretty difficult for me to completely grasp at this moment in time. I will understand them eventually. I am going to keep plugging away at them and hope for the best. In doing so, I would like to figure out how to place myself in this world. Knowing the job market and how to enter it effectively will allow me procure a job I want. I want to learn about different job opportunities. I was brought up working and managing a pizza restaurant. I helped my mother working this business since I was 10 years old. I want to be able to someday take this business or another business and build it up and make a good living. To do this I need to learn the proper way to run a business. Having better accounting skills will give me the capability to handle money and do taxes correctly. College will help me in marketing so I will be able to increase profitability with advertisements and other things that I am hoping to learn. Going to college will help me have a better future depending on what my education turns into. I will be able to choose my future, get things I have not been able to acquire for myself like a car and a job, have a family, and live comfortably in a large house. It will also make me more knowledgeable. I will have the information that I need to complete tasks that I cannot yet do. When I am capable of that, it will also help secure a job. By furthering my education, I will live a better lifestyle. Being able to have a degree in any field will help me secure a bit more money than without it. With pay being secure or higher than normal, I will be able to live...
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