Three Reasons for Choosing to be a Soldier

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  • Published : March 9, 2011
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Professor mike
March 02, 2010

3 Reason People become a Soldier
There are three reasons why people want to become a soldier. First of all, People want to have good salaries and good benefits. Salary is based on the soldiers rank and how many of years the soldier has been in the service. As for benefits, soldiers are rewarded by having free medical, life insurance, free dental and free schooling. On top of that, soldiers has also have the privilege to go to the Navy Exchange and commissary which is tax free. The Navy Exchange is where they have great deals to buy clothing, electronics, toys, and more. Commissary is where they have great deals to buys groceries. For people who want to be in shape and look good, you are entitled to go to their recreational center. This facility area has a gym, basketball court, and many other exercise equipment. Secondly, traveling is another reason why people want to become soldiers. Once soldiers enter the service, the soldiers will be assigned to their new duty station. It is either to a different country or state. For example, you can be station in Japan or maybe Germany. It is also based on the

soldiers job in the service. R and R is a two week break that the soldiers get for being deployed and away from their loved ones. This is a free flight for the soldier to travel anywhere in the world they would want to visit. Lastly, serving your country is another reason why people want to become soldiers. A lot of soldiers are being deployed right now for good reasons. Which is defending our country or helping out our friendly allies from different countries and to help gain their rights back from enemies or terrorists. Such as, Operation Iraqi Freedom , Operation Enduring Freedom , Desert Storm, and many more. A soldier’s duty is to serve and to protect our country and other countries when needed. Stopping any terrorists’ activities is their main goal. In conclusion,...
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