Three Penny Opera

Topics: Bertolt Brecht, The Threepenny Opera, Computer science Pages: 4 (1477 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Final Essay

Computer science is a discipline that spans theory and practice. Nowadays, practically everyone is a computer user, and many people are even computer programmers. Getting computers to do what you want them to do requires intensive hands-on experience. But computer science can be seen on a higher level, as a science of problem solving. Problem solving requires precision, creativity, and careful reasoning. In the end the final product of our progress is the result of our decisions that we had to take. In Three Penny Opera by Bertolt Brecht we can notice the presence of the conflict between self-interest and love. Many of the characters’ decisions create a conflict between self-interest and love. In a capitalist society in which competition is rewarded by disrespect and brutally, the characters are forced to make the decision of betraying each other in order to survive. Like in computer science making the right decision is crucial, but here characters make decisions not based on psychology but on the need or desire for material things such as money. In this text I will be discussing about the discourse of decision making, a discourse that is relevant to a computer science student and through the Three Penny Opera play.

Act I begins with the opening of Mr. Peachum’s shop that offer the poor particular jobs. His speech at the beginning shows how he chooses money over everything. He doesn’t care if he makes a change or not for the poor, he only cares about the profit that his business will make. In the first scene Mr. and Mrs. Peachum find out that their daughter is not her room. Later in scene II we find out that she got married with Macheath, a master criminal of London. All his fellow criminals brought Polly stolen wedding gifts. She starts crying once she sees all this but she also feels compassion for the trouble that they went to give her all that. She represents a poor girl who does not realize what she has gotten herself into. However, a bond...
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