Three Passions of My Life

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Three Passions
Three passions, helpful, yet at times hurtful, have governed my life: family, friends, and dedication. These passions, like waves upon the seashore have rocked me back and forth in an indefinite course, over a great ocean of content, reaching the very verge of happiness (SP10).

I have mentioned family first because they bring joy – a joy that I would sacrifice my whole life for an hour of this greatness. I have mentioned it, next, because it removes loneliness; a loneliness that looks over the rim of the world into the cold, heartless, and lifeless abyss (SP4). I have searched for it because I have seen love and hate, mystery and destiny, problem and solution (SP5). All I have seen may be far out of reach for human life; this is what – at last – I have found.

With equal passion, I have sought friends. I have longed to comprehend the hearts of humans. I have longed to understand why the stars shine; however, I have also attempted to apprehend the Pythagorean power by which number floats sway above the flux (SP1A). Not much, but a little of this I have accomplished.

Family and friends: the two things that make everything possible (SP3). They have both led me up to the heavens; helpful, yes; hurtful, no (SP2). Later, fear always brings me back to earth. Voices of cries of pain replay in my heart. People in need, children starving, innocent people being tortured, and the whole earth made a mockery of what life was intended to be. I long to relieve this evil, but I cannot and I too suffer.

This has been my life. I have discovered it to be worth living, and I would happily live it again if I had the chance.
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