Three Men on a Boat

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Chapter 11
J. wakes early the next morning and finds George is also awake. Neither of them can get back to sleep, J. remarks, because there is no reason for them to get up. If there had been some reason for them to be up, it would have been very easy to sleep for several more hours. This sends J. into a story about a time when George 's watch stopped at 8:15 one night and he did not notice. He woke up the next morning and seeing his watch believed it was 8:15 in the morning and rushed to get ready to go to work. He is dismayed to find the landlady has not prepared breakfast, and rushes out to the bus station. He eventually notices there is nobody else around and hears a clock strike three. Confused, he asks a policeman for the time, who assumes he is drunk and tells... Chaptr 12 After their breakfast, the young men explore the area. They go over to the island where King John is supposed to have signed the Magna Charta, and explore the ruins of a priory where King Henry VIII supposedly courted Anne Boleyn. This subject reminds J. of being in a house where two young people are courting. No matter where one goes in the house, the couple seems to be there, and when one interrupts them, all parties are embarrassed. He imagines such a scene with Henry and Anne. The men take to the river and soon are passing Datchet. This reminds George and J. of a previous boat trip they took when they stopped at Datchet late one night and wanted to sleep. They walked into the town and came to an inn, but thought they might go on and see if there was something they liked better. They came... Posted by khare.amit05...(student), 2 weeks, 1 day ago

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J. give a brief history of Marlow, which he considers one of the most attractive river towns on their trip. They wake up early, and go to the river to bathe before breakfast. On their way...
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