Three Men in a Boat

Topics: Jerome K. Jerome, Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, J. M. Barrie Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Jerome Klapka Jerome was born in Walsall, Staffordshire, England on May 2nd, 1859, the son of a preacher and coal mine owner. Leaving school at the age of fourteen after his mother's death, Jerome worked such diverse jobs as a railway clerk, a journalist, and a schoolmaster. Though also an actor, playwright, and editor, Jerome found fame through his writing. He is famous for his novels "On Stage and Off", "Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow", "Three Men in a Boat" ans so on. Jerom K. Jerome is a great story-teller with a strong sense of humor. One reason for his popularity was his different and new way of representation which differed from the books written by authors such as Robert Louis Stevenson , Arthur Cannon Doyle , Rudyard Kipling and other popular authors. We are going to analyse an extract from the book "Three men in a boat". Here we see the story about three friends, who stopped at village called Sonning. Then they decided to stay there for the night, so they had to cook the meal. The majority of this text is describing the troubles and joy of cooking dinner. The prevailing mood of the story is optimistic, with traces of irony. Unlike the writing styles of that times, Jerome did not use glorifying or artificial terms to express the feelings of people. This is the story of three people who speak the usual language and live the usual life. To my opinion, the message is the following: don't be afraid of experimenting and enjoy the unity with nature. It's obvious, that the extract can be divided into four parts: 1. the exposition. Sonning.

2. the development of the plot. Starting to prepare the ingredients for cooking. 3. the climax. Peeling the potatoes.
4. the denouement. Enjoying the result.

Jerome uses a lot of language means. For example, we see a lot of metaphors: fairly-like, dainty, fascinating, splendid, extraordinary etc.; epithets: old, low, difficult, green, rich; similes: like a stage village. All these language means...
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