Three Men in a Boat

Topics: Fiction, Character, Narratology Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: January 24, 2013
The analysis
1. The title of the story. The function of the title is to inform the reader briefly of what the text or story that follows is about. Sometimes titles show individuality оf the writer. They are characterizing by shortness and catching character. A skillful worked out title tells the whole story on enough of the story to satisfy the reader's curiosity.

2.The plot of the story. Most novels and stories have plots. Every plot is arrangement of meaningful events. The plot has such kind of structure of components: a) exposition or introduction (contains a short presentation of time and place and characters; it is usually to be found at the beginning of the story):b) complication (is separate incident helping to unfold action and might involve thoughts and feelings as well); c) climax (is the moment on which the fate of the charachters and the final action depends; it is the point at which the forces in the conflict reach the highest intensity); d) denouement

(not all stories have a denouement; some stories write after the climax leave it up to the reader to judge what will be the outcome of the conflict)
3. The main elements of the story. Any work consists of relatively independent elements such as narration, description, dialogue and interior monolog. Narration is dynamic; it gives a continuous account of events. Description is static; it is a verbal portrayal of an object person or scene. It may be detailed and directs or impressionistic, giving few but stretching details. Though the dialogue the characters are better portrayal, it also brings the action nearer to the reader, makes it more swift and more intensify. Interior monolog renders the thoughts and feelings of a character

4.Who is the story told by. The way a story is presented key element in fictional structure. This involves both the angle of vision, the point from which the people events and other details are viewed and also the words of the story. The story can be told by:...
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