Three Men in a Boat

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  • Published : June 19, 2012
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Based on a holiday boat trip made by the author and his two real-life friends George and Harris. This humorous travelogue includes local history of towns along the Thames, as well as a few serious and sentimental passages, but remains at its core a comic novel


Jerome.....a funny man....thinking anything to be a joke....lives the life the way it takes it practical thinking..just tries to do everything the way he is asked...has a dog..he loves food and hates workJerome K. Jerome is like the Victorian Bill Bryson. Three Men in a Boat is not a bad travelogueis thus confused by his symptoms that he refers to a medical book and happens to misconceive that he possesses virtually each doable ailment recorded in there.


Writing a truly good piece of humor is a difficult business. One can end up with something that reads like a cheap joke book, or something that tries so hard to be funny, it really isn’t. Of course, the goal is to land somewhere in-between these two dreadful extremes; to write a book that is intelligent, witty, and laugh-out-loud hilarious, all in one.


Montmorency the dog is the only fictional character in Three Men in a’s not about the dog. It’s about the name. I first heard Montmorency when, working as a kitchen porter at a posh hotel in Henley on-Thames – through which Jerome et al had rowed – it was bawled at me by the head chef, and preceded by the word “Coupe”,
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