Three Levels of Thought

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  • Published : February 18, 2011
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There are three levels of thought. The three different levels of thought are: Naïve, Selfish and Fair-minded. The naïve level of thought is basically the characteristic of people who don’t care about their own thinking. This kind of person has the thought, that they already understand something without thinking about it. A naïve person will believe most everything they see or hear. Generally a person with a naïve level of thought won’t voice his or her own opinions and go along with the flow, or do as a friend does. Naïve thinkers always have some sort of excuse to not thinking for themselves as well, and have someone do everything for them. A naïve person commonly will not question things and because of this they won’t learn anything or truly understand a subject. As stated in the video an example of a naïve person is a girl doing homework. She doesn’t care to understand the subject. Instead of asking questions, she’ll cry and make an excuse as to why she can’t do it and her father does it for her. In turn, she has learned nothing.

The selfish thinking level is very self-centered. Selfish thinkers are good at thinking but not fair. Generally with selfish thinkers the individuals are not very honest and quick to try to manipulate by telling people what they want to hear, even though it may hold no truth. Selfish thinkers often times say they can’t, but in their mind know they can. Being a selfish thinker also means you believe what you want, and not necessarily have anything to back it with. Selfish thinkers know they can always trick someone if they know how to do it right. An example of a selfish thinker as stated in the video is the boy who argued with his parents about his bedtime. By arguing and telling his parents something that was not true, he manipulated them into letting him stay up to 11 o’clock.

Fair-minded thinkers are good thinkers and genuinely care about others. Fair-minded thinkers think a lot because they want to understand the...
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