Three Idiots

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Suicide Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: October 1, 2011
The movie is all about 3 gentlemen’s named Raju, Fahran and Rancho. They met each other at college and they are taking up engineering. They become close friends and did a lot of things together. Rancho, as a leader of the group has this passion of helping his friends whatever the situation is. He’s always there to help and encourage his friends to pursue what they like best. They have this professor who always scold student’s because he don’t believe on the ability of his students so most of students who fails commit suicide and one of them is Raju. But, Rancho didn’t lose hope that his friend will make it. Rancho, helped his friends to land a job for their future before they separate their ways. After graduation Raju and Fahran didn’t stop looking for Rancho but in the end they were able to see where Rancho is staying because of the help of another friend in college. They were able to notice all the inventions that Rancho had.

The movie has a great story. It is about friendship, family, and students. It is important to have true friends that will be on your side whatever happens. Someone you can count on even the situation is hard. Someone who will help you to be a good person, someone who will make you realize that you are important, special and worth of everything, someone whom you can show who you really are as a person. In every family it is important to know what everyone wants. We need to open everything. We should support what everyone wants and appreciate their passion in life. Whatever is given to us is a gift to be treasured. As a student it is our responsibility to strive hard to be able to have a good job for our future. It is important to know how our parents do everything just to send us to school and have everything. In everything that we do we should learn to look on the advantages and disadvantages of it.

As always said in the movie that “Life is a race, if you don’t run you’ll be trapped.” So we must go and deal with every challenges that...
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