Three Gorges Dam Essay

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Completing the Application Packet for an IRB Protocol

✓ IRB Application/Protocol:
Save and upload the application and supporting forms for processing. 1.Provide accurate contact information in case clarifications are needed. 2.Contact the Office of Research Compliance and Ethics at for username and password. Provide your department and NCAT email address. 3.Upload your IRB Application. Go to and upload your application, consent forms, recruitment scripts, email text, surveys, flyers, etc. Instructions on how to upload are included at the end of this document. 4. Sign the signature page and obtain department chair or director’s signature. If applicable, obtain advisor’s signature. 5. Submit the completed signature pages either by scanning and uploading it into the IRB Uploads site. 6. Problems uploading? Contact IRB staff at 336-285-2961.

✓ Informed Consent:
You must provide informed consent.
1.Use one of the informed consent templates found on our website. Choose the one most appropriate for your study (survey, focus group, etc). If your study is anonymous and does not involve children, you may use the consent information sheet. If you are audio or video recording your participants, you must use the standard consent form template and obtain signatures. 2.If children will be involved, you must obtain parental permission. If your research involves children ages 7 and up, you must also obtain child assent. There are templates for both of these on our website. 3.All consent forms must be written at the reading level of the potential participants.

✓ Human Subjects Research Training:
The IRB will verify completion of this required training before releasing approval. 1. The Principal Investigator and all research staff having direct contact with human subjects or their identifiable data must have human subject protections certification. Register as a new user if you have never used this site for IRB testing. 2. For the learner group, choose social behavioral researchers and key personnel. 3. When asked if you have taken the basic course, choose N/A.

✓ Project Materials (Surveys, Flyers, Letters of Approval): 1. Advertisements/ Flyers must be approved by the IRB (see Forms section on website). 2. Provide copies of IRB approval for projects that involve collaboration with off-campus researchers (from other universities, local school systems, etc).

✓ Advisors
1. There must be a biosketch for advisors on file in the Compliance Office. 2. Advisors must complete and submit CITI training with student applications.

Questions? Contact us!
Office of Research Compliance and Ethics
Fort IRC Building, Room 427
Phone: 336-285-2961 • Email:

|Human Subjects Protocol Application Checklist | | |YES |NO |NA |Comments/Links | |CITI Certification for PI | | | |      | | | | | | | |CITI Certification for Advisor/Sponsor | | | |      | |Attached | | | | | |Biosketch for Faculty PI on File or Attached | | | |      | |Signatures | | | |     ...
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