Three Goddess

Topics: Sculpture, Art, Parthenon Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: November 2, 2010
Antonio Rocha
Mrs. Mendoza
AP Art History
13 October 2010
Three Goddesses
During High Classical period, Greece in particular Athens experienced many new creations such as, scultuptures, buildings, paintings and many other art forms but the most magnificent of all these art works was the Parthenon. This great structure housed many, many beautiful art works but the one with the most beautifulness and gracefulness of all was the three goddesses that were on the east pediment of the Parthenon. This piece along with many other pieces was made in tribute to the gods and goddesses. These three goddesses physically idealized/naturalistic woman and showed many techniques on how to get this message across.

This piece was created during High Classical period in Greece around 438- 432 B.C. This piece comes from the east pediment of the Parthenon in Athens. The piece depicts three goddesses: Hestia, Dione and thought to be Aphrodite.

The depictions of gods and goddesses were a very normal thing when creating a piece of art. The depictions of gods were a symbol and a message portrayed in many different ways. When a sculptor creates piece of a goddess they are paying great respect and tribute to that goddess. This piece is the same way the artist created this piece so the viewer could see how great these goddesses were because obviously if they weren’t a great goddess no one would want to see a statue or sculpture of that goddess. This shows how great these three goddesses were that this artist depicted them in this piece. Depictions of these goddesses were made so people could go see them and pay tribute and honor them. Obviously if you are a goddess you will be honored and respected greatly. Many viewers and people would come and pray to these goddesses to help them out in various ways. People had great and tremendous respect for goddesses and held them to the greatest esteem. For the artist to place theses goddesses on perhaps the greatest sculpture of all time...
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