Topics: Music, The Band, High school Pages: 3 (1328 words) Published: December 1, 2012
It’s always a funny thing when you look at how a simple hobby can become a main part of your life. Because when you think about it, this inspiration for the hobby starts up almost randomly and continues to be built on till it becomes part of you. For me music was my hobby and is now my passion. According to the book The Science of Music by Robin Maconie, music exists for the purpose of the moment. Music is emotion and thought embodied onto sheet music or recordings. That’s what music really is when you stop and think about it. It’s just someone’s moment frozen in time for us to listen to whenever we please. It’s really a beautiful thing to have a piece of you live on in the form of music even if it doesn’t become famous or a classic. Prior to high school, I had no interest in music. The only way I become the musician I am today was because I met three people throughout my high school career that led me to become a musician.

One of the first people that led me to become the musician is my friend Robert, his friends called him Bobby. At the time, I knew nothing of music. All the music you would attach the label of classic to, I knew nothing of. It’s possible the thought of how I ended up being asked to join the band came to your mind and the answer to that is he needed anybody. Bobby wanted anybody to take the place of bass player or at least so I think. When you add up the facts that he asked somebody he barely knew and on top of that had knowledge of their lack of skill, it all equals up to the fact he was a little desperate. He could have asked some of the other players in the classroom we met in, and I’m sure he did, but he asked me. Thinking back on it thought, there is a bit of randomness from my end since I agreed to be in his band. To this day I don’t exactly know why I agreed. I could speculate on why, it’s possible I just wanted the trill of something new. Another possible reason is just wanted to belong to a group since I only knew 1 other person at...
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