Three Fifths Compromise

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  • Published : October 29, 2006
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Deleware was the first state to ratify the U.S Constitution. The official date of their ratification was on December 7, 1787. Richard Bassett was one of the four delegates of Deleware who signed the constitution. The other delegates were Gunning Bedford, Jacob Broom, John Dickinson and George Read. Richard Bassett was born in Cecil County, Maryland in 1745. Richard played an important role in the improvement in central government, he was the leader in the fight for the ratification of the U.S constitution. It was said that he was one of a few delegates that attended every meeting about Constitutional Convention but with no records to show for it. Gunning Bedford was born in Philadelphia in year in 1747. He was very outspoken in the Philadelphia convention but he was very concerned of the welfare of the little states. He feared that theses states would seek protection from foreign alliances. He supported the plan that insisted on drafting a new constitution. In his later years he was chosen by president George Washington to be a judge in Deleware's district courts. Jacob Broom was born in Wilmington, Deleware. It is believed that he spoke very little during the convention but it was recorded that he kept convention form adjourning before its work was completed. He assumed many positions in the state's government and he was also a director of the bank of Deleware.

John Dickinson on November 8th 1732. He studied law in Philadelphia. In 1760 he was elected to the assembly of Deleware but then 2 years later he served as a representative for Deleware. Later on he was elected to Congress from Delaware in 1779. Soon he became the governor of Delaware and Pennsylvania between 1781-1785. Dickinson was selected as a delegate from Deleware to support and defend the U.S Constitution.

George Read was born on September 18, 1773 in Cecil County, Maryland. . Read was also a member of the 1787 Constitutional Convention . He went to college in Philadephia to...
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