Three Dominant Learning Styles

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Three Dominant Learning Styles
Team B
Strategies for Success SLS 1105

Three dominant learning styles

There are three basic types of learning styles. The three most common are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. I myself and my team members research that students learn in many ways, like seeing, hearing, and experiencing things first hand. But for most students, one of these methods stands out. It also has showed us that students can perform better on tests if they change study habits to fit their own personal learning styles. To learn, we as people depend on our senses to process the information around us. Most people tend to use one of their senses more than the others. Today's lesson will help us determine which of these learning styles we can rely on the most.

Visual Learners are those who learn through seeing things. We know what we are capable of, and where we can go wrong. Practicing visualization is recommended or picturing spelling words to be able to retain the information. They are good at remembering details and colors of what they see. They will quietly take in surrounding as they create mental notes. Now it is time to put to use what we have learned. The Visual learner needs to see all study material. Visual Learners is good readers, but sometimes read too rapidly. Preparing a concept map by listing key points, enclosing them in boxes or circles, and drawing lines with arrows between concepts to show the connections can help me memorize material, also Color-coding notes with a highlighter so that everything relating to one topic is the same color (Felder 1988). Visual Learners can benefit from color-coding when learning new concepts, and by using outlines of assignments to remember key points and guide their learning. Here are some characteristic of visual learners see if they sound familiar. Is good at spelling but forgets names. Needs quiet study time, has to think awhile before, understanding lecture, is good at...
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