Three Dimensions of Business Problems

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  • Published : June 15, 2012
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What are the three dimensions of business problems? Provide examples for each. * People
* Organizations
* Technology
People- A business is only as good as the people who work there and run it. Likewise with information systems, they are useless without skilled people to build and maintain them, and without people who can understand how to use the information in a system to achieve business objectives. For example, a call center that provides help to customers using an advanced customer relationship management system is useless if employees are not adequately trained to deal with customers, find solutions to their problems, and leave the customer feeling that the company cares for them. Organizations- Information systems are an integral part of organizations. The history and culture of business firms also affects how the technology is used and how a specific business firm uses information systems. For example, an organization accomplishes and coordinates work through its business processes, which are logically related tasks and behaviors for accomplishing work. Developing a new product, fulfilling an order, and hiring a new employee are examples of business processes. Technology- IT is one of the many tools managers use to cope with change and complexity. Computer hardware is the physical equipment used for input, processing, and output activities in an information system. It consists of the following: computers of various sizes and shapes, various input, output, and storage devices, and telecommunications devices that link computers together. For example, computers and communications equipment can be connected in networks for sharing voice, data, images, and video. A network links two or more computers to share data resources, such as the Internet and a printer.

What is the difference between IT and information systems? Describe some functions of information systems. Information technology (IT) consists of all the hardware and software that a firm...
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