Three Day Road Summary

Topics: Boy, Girl, Tell Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: March 20, 2012
Kyle McCool
Summary #1
Section 02
Three Day Road
Joeseph Doyden
The Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden starts off in a town called Moose Factory in Canada shortly after WW1. “Auntie” is waiting for the arrival of her nephew, Xavier‘s, friend Elijah. However, she is shocked to find that it is her nephew who returns. She had received a letter that said her nephew had died in the field of battle and that Elijah was wounded, and only had one leg. When her nephew steps off the steps she thinks he is a ghost until he falls to the ground, because he to is shocked for he had heard that she was dead. Then they start their journey down the river to their home in the bush. On this journey they both reminisce of the past from when Auntie was a young girl all the way up to the end of the war. Auntie believes that Xavier is struck with a sickness that the wemistikoshiw, white men, medicine has on him. She starts to tell him a story of when she was a little girl during a harsh winter that her tribe had to go through. In hope that the spirits of the story would scare the sickness out of him. As she tells this story Xavier starts thinking back of times in the war. Him and Elijah started off as just two ordinary privates in their platoon. Then sergeant McCaan realizes that they are great hunters and can move about in the trenches with out the enemy spotting them so he begins to train them to be snipers. Elijah being the shooter and Xavier as his spotter they become very famous during the war. The trauma of the war starts to get to both of them. Xavier begins to get home sick and just wants to go back to the bush, but Elijah gets blood drunk from all the people he has killed. During this time Auntie keeps telling more stories to Xavier from her childhood, to when Xavier meets Elijah, all the way up to when they went off to the war. Auntie had taken Xavier from the nuns in Moose Factory when he was a little boy, and they lived in the bush...
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