Three Day Road Chapter Analysis: Murder

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Chapter Summary:
The chapter starts off as Elijah and Xavier are being sent to another great Allied offensive in the city of Amiens. Xavier makes the statement that the battle for food has become as constant as the war against each other and that for most people the war itself is the real enemy. The Canadian army has advanced a great distance and it appears that it will not be long until the war is over. As Xavier and Elijah are raiding the trenches of the German lines Elijah disappears in pursuit of the retreating Germans, which causes Xavier to worry that Elijah’s lust to kill might have driven him too far this time. After Elijah’s return he is lectured by Colquhoun (the man who replaces McCaan) about Elijah’s absence, he remains silent as he realises any further comments will only make matters worse. It is shown that Colquhoun and Lieutenant Breech are jealous of Elijah’s medals and achievements. After this Elijah searches for Xavier to tell him the things he had done when was gone, he describes to Xavier how he followed the Germans and began to kill them one by one until he ran out of bullets. Elijah claims that it was too easy and that it lost the thrill it once gave him. While Elijah is returning to his section after his killing spree he stops in one of the other Canadian division’s in-order to obtain more morphine, in his attempt to steal the medicine he notices an injured man in the medic’s tent asking for morphine. Elijah inserts so much medicine into the man that he sees the life leave him. Xavier is unpleased with this story so that he walks away from Elijah. Later on, Xavier and Elijah report to Lieutenant Breech and see Grey Eyes who appears to have been gone for a few weeks. Elijah is being accused of being an addict to morphine and to scalping the heads of his kills. Elijah is outraged to the limit where it begins to frighten Lieutenant Breech, and as he pulls his revolver out and points it at Grey Eyes a bombardment sends...
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