Three Day Road

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  • Published : January 16, 2012
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He has thought to be quiet, mysterious and one of the best native Indian snipers in the world during world war one. His real name was Xavier Bird and they called him ‘X’. His fast precision and accurate aim, one could not compare him to any other soldier in the British Army. Who would have known what would be left of Xavier after? Although, Xavier was one of the survivors of the war, the destructive consequences have impacted and created many losses, physically, socially and mentally. Xavier was a young, handsome man with an immense duty in the war to defend his country from Europe’s Western Front and save himself. In the process of this, he has lost, physically, his naturally ability to live his everyday life normally. In the summer of 1919, he is alone, in unimaginable pain from an amputated leg and dying from a spirit broken by the nightmare of war. He is unable to walk on his own and is in need of crutches where ever he goes. “‘Look at my leg, Auntie,’ he whispered. There is anger in his tone. ‘Look at what’s left of it.’ He has pulled up the material of his pants and a red nub pokes out above where his knee should be.” (Boyden. 357) Xavier feels helpless with his missing leg destroyed in battle and feels as if his whole world is crashing down. This consequence of war has made him barely unable to move around, constantly needing support to get through his daily routines. With the pain in his leg affecting his heart and arms all together, there may be a chance for ‘’the pain in the heart to kill him’’ (Boyden. 288) The catastrophic pain in his arms, leg and heart, Xavier’s health has also been a leading problem. He does not eat because his body feeds on despair and he ‘’fights the sleep that pulls at me [Xavier]’’. (Boyden. 11) He does not feel the need to because of his lack of meals and sleep during his time at the war. Xavier’s body has weaken to an unsatisfactory state that Niska (Xavier’s aunt) must ‘’place her mouth against his and in this way feed...
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