Three Day Road

Topics: Kill, World War II, Soldier Pages: 4 (1674 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Three day road is Joseph Boyden’s first novel, that chronicles the war experience from the perspective of Canadian First Nations People. The main characters are Xavier and Elijah, with Niska being a supporting character. Elijah and Xavier are stationed throughout the trenches of France, during world war one, fighting German and French soldiers. The Novel is told in first person view, offering perspectives from both Xavier and Niska. While Elijah and Xavier come from the same place (the bushes near Moosehead) and share many of the same skills and beliefs, the differences between these two characters far outweigh the similarities. Elijah was raised by nuns at a residential school, and later moved to the bush with Xavier and Niska. The years he spent in town at school enabled him to speak english very well, which was beneficial in helping him adapt to white culture and gain acceptance from the Allied soldiers. Elijah was outgoing, cocky, overconfident, adventurous, and carefree, to a fault. Xavier on the other hand was quite, reserved, careful, logical, and empathetic. Xavier took no pleasure in killing others. He had great difficulty accepting what he had done with each kill, never growing used to the feeling of taking another human's life. Elijah enjoyed killing others, it was as though he were hunting animals, the opposition completely dehumanized. He was consumed with not only killing, but also becoming the best, having the most kills, and being the most respected sniper in the entire war. The status and respect he would earn became of utmost importance to him, through any means necessary.

Elijah and Xavier are very different in terms of morality and personality. It is important for this novel as the two opposing characters provide a balance between morality, action, and help define the wartime experience from multiple perspectives. Elijahs ability to speak perfect english helps him to assimilate into white society and gain the respect of his fellow...
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