Three Day Road

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  • Published : June 10, 2012
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1.“…Elijah finally admits to me that he sees that the medicine has caused him to lose too much weight…Maybe he feels guilty. Maybe it’s because he and I are two of the same in place of strangers” (p.211). Finally, Elijah recognizes the side effects of the medicine that he has used it. Xavier tries to stop Elijah using morphine many times but it does not work out. Xavier is worry about Elijah. Xavier feels responsible to Elijah because since Elijah followed Xavier to live in the bush, Xavier promises himself to take care of Elijah. Xavier believes that Elijah can give up the medicineJ. Therefore, we can see how strong relationship between both of them.

2.“When he’s gone too long without the medicine, he tells me, he becomes fragile and headaches cause him so much pain that death seems a good alternative. When he does not take the morphine, he is afraid of the world and that is not a good feeling” (p.212). Elijah doesn’t want to be on morphine anymore, but struggles to ignore its allure. Morphine makes people become a strong person and more positive when Elijah routines it. However, it also makes him weak when Elijah stops using it. From the passage, Elijah tries very hard to fight with his physical to discharge from the medicine, but it seems Elijah cannot make it. Being Elijah best friend, Xavier cannot help Elijah and Xavier has to see his only friend suffers a death pain, Xavier feels aching too.

3. “…There was no doubting that he was my relation. His nose was mine; his eyes carried the same sharpness. His ears stuck out from his head. I realized I was seeing you, Nephew, that you needed me as much as I need you…” (p.216). This passage let us understand that Niska has a strong spirit connection with her family. Niska does not see her sister, Rabbit, since Niska escapes from the residential school and lives in the bush. Moreover, Niska does not have any information or exactly, Niska has a nephew. Niska has never seen her nephew...
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