Three Day Family Trip to Hangzhou

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Four Day Family Trip to Hangzhou
Day One(1 Nov)
Arrival: 5 pm
You will be picked up at Hangzhou Airport. Exit and transferred to the hotel.

Accommodation: Renhe Hotel :86 Youdian Road, Hangzhou

Dinner: Buffet at your hotel
The rest of the night you can either relax at the hotel or walk around your hotel which is located near the West Lake providing a beautiful night scene. You can also appreciate the Music Fountain on the Hubin Pedastrian Street.

Day Two(2 Nov)
Breakfast: both western buffet and tradtional Chinese breakfast is served at your hotel

Biking Route: 5.4 kilometers
• Start: Sha Nian Gong bike station, at Huancheng Xi Lu and Beishan Lu • End: Su Di Nan Kou bike station on Nanshan Lu, south end of Su Causeway Starting with Hangzhou's iconic, lake-traversing causeway, this route travels across the famed Broken Bridge, onto Gushan Island, where you can visit numerous museums and nature trails Lunch: Louwailou Restaurant (enjoy the view of the West Lake while eating) • a vegetable dish with some traditional Chinese greens

• Dong Po Pork, an extremely fatty chunk of pork in a syrupy sauce • the West Lake Vinegar Fish, fish with a vinegar sauce
• Longjing Tea Prawns, baby prawns with salt, sprinkled with rather flavourless longjing tea leaves • Beggar’s Chicken, wrapped in fresh lotus leaves and baked on fire. The chicken meat is soft and tender and falls easily off the bones Steamed Rice and Pork Wrapped by Lotus Leaves

• Lotus Root Pudding
• Su Di Causeway
Hangzhou is also known also as ''Mr Su's Dike'' (Sugongdi). The causeway is 2.8 kilometers or 1.75 miles long. The Sudi Causeway was built in 1089 by the order of the famous poet of Hangzhou Su Shi. The Sudi Causeway, Hangzhou lies in the west part of West Lake and links the north bank with the south. The causeway is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hangzhou. Dinner:Hyatt Hotel, 28 Hubin Road

• Impression West Lake
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