Three Dancing Goats

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The Three Dancing Goats
"fTT^HIS evening I am going to tell you the
JL tale of the three dancing goats,
Baba Trinco as he squatted on the floor and
greeted us with his broad smile.
" Once upon a time it happened that a hardworking
young peasant was lucky enough to
possess three dancing goats. He was lucky because
they brought him all he desired a little
comfort for his widowed mother, and a pretty
" He and his mother lived in a little bamboo
hut and had a small plot of grazing land. Their
entire wealth consisted of a couple of cows.
When a year of drought came they were in great
trouble, so that one morning the widowed
mother with tears in her eyes said to her
" '
Sindhu, we shall have to get rid of the two
cows. So go to the market-town and sell them/
" The thought of selling the cows they loved
so much distressed the boy. It was a pity that
they had not enough fodder; but what could
they do?
"So Sindhu set out with the two cows and
The Three Dancing Goats
said to himself that he was not going to sell them
to a butcher and that he would beg their purchaser
to take great care of them.
Before coming to the market town he met
an old woman who was also going to market to
sell her three goats. Both Sindhu and the
woman rested under a tree and both plucked
leaves from it to feed their pets.
" The old woman looked at the boy compassionately
as he was feeding the cows, and
Tell me, my lad, what is troubling you I
know it is not a good time for the peasants/
What can I do? I have to sell the two cows
we love so much/ murmured Sindhu.
" The old woman asked him all sorts of questions
and at last came close and said :
My dear lad, I like you and admire your
love for your cows. Let me have them and I
promise they shall be well cared for. You take
my three goats/
" '
Nonsense/ replied Sindhu. ' What can we
do with your goats, my dear woman? We must
have grain for our own meals, and how can I
feed your goats?'
" ' But these goats are much better than
money, and they will some day bring fortune to
you/ the old woman said in a solemn voice.
The Three Dancing Goats
"Then she drew a little bamboo flute from
her willow basket and began to play. Would
you believe it? The three goats began to dance
to the tune ! They were lovely goats from the
Himalayan region, quite different from the ones
we see in the plains. They had long hair, long
flapping ears and round noses. The old woman
called them Chdpu.
44 Sindhu was greatly amused at the performance
of the dancing goats, and he believed what
the old woman said about them. They might
not bring him a fortune, but he would certainly
be able to earn a few pennies every day by entertaining
the village folk. Thus he argued in his
own mind and accepted the offer.
"'Be content with what you have got, my
son/ the old woman said gently; 'here is the
flute and there are my beloved goats. God bless
you all/ Then she took Sindhu's two cows and
went her way.
"And Sindhu? Wasn't he pleased with the
bargain! He played the flute and the goats
danced to the tune. Joyfully he made his way
along the path across the meadow in order to
reach home as quickly as he could.
" But when his mother saw what he had
brought back, she was unhappy. Sindhu played
the flute and the three goats danced as merrily
The Three Dancing Goats
as ever, but it only made her sad. She thought
her son had been cheated by the wicked marketfolk
or perhaps he had lost his senses.
Are you sure you have not been cheated,
my son?' she cried. 'We have hardly enough
food to keep ourselves from starvation. What
will you do with these silly goats?'
" ' Don't be afraid, Mother,' implored Sindhu.
1 am neither mad nor light-headed. The dear
old woman who exchanged these wonderful
goats for our cows told me that they would some
day bring us luck. And I believe her. If they
do not bring in a few pennies for our livelihood,...
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