Three Cups of Tea

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The Knowledge Devoted Journey of Three Cups of Tea
By: Allie Cohn

Three Cups of Tea by: Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

Five Fun Facts

1) Haji Ali is the village chief of Korphe, in Pakistan. (MORTENSON & RELIN 23)

2) The remote village of Korphe has no school or teachers, the children attempt to study by writing in dirt with sticks. (MORTENSON & RELIN 47)

3) Jean Hoerni is a wealthy physicist who donates $12,000 to Mortenson to build a school. (MORTENSON & RELIN 102)

4) In Pakistan, Greg Mortenson develops a close relationship with the locals. (MORTENSON & RELIN 176)

5) Mortenson meets Tara Bishop and get married and have a daughter. (MORTENSON & RELIN 237)


I drew a school as a visual symbol of my novel because most of the book is about Greg Mortenson trying to change lives by building schools.

Op/Ed Article

Three Cups of Tea is a great book but not my favorite book. Though I did find many parts compelling; such as: when Mortenson first witnessed the poverty of Korphe, the love between Greg and Tara Bishop, and the opening of the first school in the village. In the book completely despised the greed of many people who ignored Mortenson’s message/call for help to build the school, but it did teach me that a lot of people in the world are like that about donations. I feel that if you need donations for a good cause you should think big when advertising it and make the people feel exposed to the issue. Mortenson could have done a better job making the public aware.

Summary of Novel

Greg Mortenson attempts to climb K2, the world’s second-highest mountain, but he gets lost and finds himself in the remote village of Korphe. It is here he discovers his life purpose.

Mortenson observes some children, trying to study and learn by writing in dirt with sticks. These children have no school or instructors.

Greg Mortenson receives...
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