Three Cups of Tea

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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A Summary of the Book Three Cups of Tea : One Man 's Mission to Promote Peace - One school at a Time ' by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

The number one New York bestseller Three Cups of Tea : One Man 's Mission to Promote Peace - One school at a Time ' had received much acclaim from critics worldwide , not because it was beautifully written but simply because the story itself is uniquely remarkable . If we set aside the positive criticisms about this book , only a handful of negative criticisms will be surfaced . These negative criticisms would only include minor remarks on the writing style that concerns the over-dramatization of the story of Greg Mortenson . The critics call this flaw of the book too much of milking the moment ' But then again these negative comments about the book don 't have much bearing to the credibility of the book . Three Cups of Tea ' is nevertheless one of the most remarkable non-fictional stories of our time

The book was basically about an admirable journey of a man from being just an ordinary man towards being a humanitarian giving the word altruism ' a contextualized contemporary meaning . The name of the man is Greg Mortenson , the author of the book alongside co-author David Oliver Relin . The negative criticisms were primarily focused to Relin accusing his writing as not being top-caliber , while everybody is admiring Greg Mortenson 's story

The content of the book is extraordinary , but that also applies to the title of the book Three Cups of Tea ' Greg Mortenson and co-author David Oliver Relin have encountered this Balti proverb the very first time you share tea with a Balti you are a stranger the second time you are the honored guest . For the third time you become family (Mortenson Relin , 2007 ,

. 150 ) The authors of the book made the right choice of title for the book . That Balti proverb had given the reader an idea of the culture of those in the Central Asia . The Balti proverb doesn't only talks about...