Three Cups of Tea

Topics: Pakistan, Three Cups of Tea, Indus River Pages: 3 (775 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Three Cups of Tea Questions
1. How is building schools in Pakistan similar to climbing a mountain? What did Mortenson learn from his failed attempt to summit K2? Building a school is similar to climbing a mountain because the actual climb is he hard and grueling part of the journey, but the reward is the summit/ the finished product of the school. All the trials you have to go through is the climb, just like the preparations, and the plans to build the school. Once you go through the hard part you get the view and the school that the kids can go to. I think Mortenson learned that life is worth more than just climbing a mountain, and that there are people who don't have much or enough. That there is an important cause to help and be a part of, other mountains to climb.

2. What aspects of Mortenson's personality have made him able to succeed so well in his efforts in Pakistan? Because Mortenson had such courage, stamina, determination, and such a positive attitude he was able to accomplish the amazing things in Pakistan. Mortenson had such determination to accomplish the schools in Pakistan, it is truly amazing that he cared so much for the kids there to do that.

3. Why do you think the villagers in Korphe were so excited about getting their own school? What is unique about having a school, as opposed to other things Mortenson could have built, like a hospital or community center? Having a school in Korphe is really important because the adults there never got a very good education, and they wanted what is best for their children and grandchildren. It meant so much to their dignity and to their well being that their kids might have the chance at what they didn't, education. A school is unique because it allows the children and some young adults to go off to the world and work, support themselves and maybe even a family. Mortenson thought it was important to build a school because he saw these kids sitting on the ground, writing in...
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