Three Communication Principles

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Communication, Friendship Pages: 4 (1308 words) Published: April 28, 2008
Choose three of the communication principles stated in the text. Use personal experiences to explain why you agree or disagree with them.
One of the principles of communication is that “emotions drive our major decisions. To me this means that although we one tries to be objective and to make the most logical decision, there will always be a level of personal feeling and emotion underlying the decision made. One personal experience of mine that can prove this to be correct was during my two years of work at McDonalds. I was an assistant manager and I was left to run the shift by myself because my manager called out sick for the day. During the shift an employee who happened to also be a close friend of mine decided on his lunch break to smoke marijuana. When he came back from his break he stank of marijuana and was noticeably “high”. As if the situation were not already bad, I also got complaints from a customer and some of his co-workers. Knowing what needed to be done, I found myself putting it off. I stayed in the office and struggled with finding the least hurtful way to tell him that he had been let go. The right thing to do is often times overshadowed by human natures longing to be a good friend, someone that friend’s can always count on to be there and on their side. However, in a work environment friendship and loyalty must take a backseat to rules and regulation. The second principle of communication is that “passion defeats intellect”. For example when electing a president, voters more often than not will lean toward the candidate who firmly and visibly believes in his campaign mottos and slogans. In my personal experience I wasn’t always aware of this principle. When I was in junior high school I ran for class vice president. My campaign strategy was to focus on letting my voters know just how much I knew, and pumped there heads with everything I thought they wanted to hear. However my opponent took a different root. Instead they decided to touch...
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