Three Aspects of How John Ruins His Relationship with Victoria in Short Story "A Day in Victoria Euclid's Life"

Topics: Self-esteem, Love, John from Cincinnati Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: March 24, 2013

Dysfunctional Relation of a Defeatist Mind

“An Important Day in the Life of Victoria G. Euclid” is a story about a dysfunctional relation between John (the narrator) and his girlfriend, Victoria Gaylene Euclid. Lawrence Mathews portrays John as a defeatist and ensures the reader hates him and sides instead with Victoria, despite of John’s internal witticisms and flights of fancy. An awkwardness and urgency comes between the couple when Victoria sees an obese man at a pharmacy and pokes him in the stomach and taunts him to do something about it, with an ulterior innuendo pointed towards John, who at the moment is unemployed and stays up each night watching television in the name of research for a manuscript about eco-fascism.

John’s despondent character and downhearted attitude is evident from the first line of the narration. He is too relax and fails to take anything seriously. In the very first page it can be observed when Victoria goes and pokes the obese man and says something unpleasant, John is too reluctant to see the depth of her reactions and ulterior implication of it. Rather, he chuckles and takes it easy, even though from the next few lines, it is evident that it’s not the first time Victoria outburst. “Nobody’s looking at me, so I retrieve Vicky’s feminine hygiene product and get in line at the cash. I know she’ll thank me for it later…….Christmas by Ross Reid, MP”(51). The above mentions lines show how John is busy giving too much credit to him rather than handling the situation when Victoria lost her patience and poked that man. He prefers to avoid the scene completely and hopes everything turns fine. John’s careless nature is also evident from the last paragraph of page 56 “In the car on the way home I think of a really good WKRP in Cincinnati trivia question……….She’s not just into sitcoms, especially the ones I...
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