Threats Towards the Weimar Republic

Topics: Weimar Republic, Germany, Beer Hall Putsch Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: March 6, 2012
The Ruhr Crisis, hyperinflation and the Munich (beer hall) Putsch; these catastrophic events were great threats to the Weimar Republic. The Ruhr Crisis occurred in January 1923 when Germany missed a reparations payment to the French in 1922 therefore French and Belgium troops decided to invade the Germans raw materials and goods so the German workers went on a passive resistance. This event was a humungous threat for the Weimar Republic as they would automatically receive a bad reputation and some countries might not want any imports and exports from Germany which would affect the economics therefore makes it a gigantic threat.

Hyperinflation was another massive threat as they printed so much unnecessary money just to pay reparations which lead to the price of the money rapidly dropping. This affected the Weimar Republic because the less value the money is the bigger quantity you need to pay, this also affected the economics of the Weimar Republic and also social affects for the people living in Germany during this period therefore make it a big threat.

The Munich (beer hall) Putsch was the final major catastrophe that affects the Weimar Republic dramatically as it was when Hitler tried to take over power from the Republic to Nationalist/Nazis, which affected the Weimar Republic on all aspects but without it we wouldn’t have the life we have now, however the Weimar Republic didn’t seem to mind that much as if they did they would of acted faster and more efficiently than they did therefore makes it a huge threat.

In conclusion I think that the Ruhr Crisis was the greatest threat on the Weimar Republic however the other two catastrophes were a colossal threat as well although without the Ruhr Crisis none of the other events would have been such a great threat.
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