Threatened Habitats

Topics: Habitat, Habitat fragmentation, Habitat destruction Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Threatened Habitats

A habitat is the physical environment in which a community of plants and animals live. There are many different habitats around the world. Threatened habitats are those that are in danger of being destroyed for reasons such as deforestation, pollution, urbanisation, natural disasters, increasing temperatures and erosion. Habitat destruction is happening all over the world. Tropical rainforests in Central and South America and in Southeast Asia and parts of Australia are being threatened. Rainforests now occupy less than half of the land that they did 100 years ago. Wildlife is greatly impacted by habitat loss. Animals are the biggest victims from habitat loss as it is their homes and sometimes food scores being destroyed and they are then forced to go and find somewhere else to live, which in most cases they cannot do because they have evolved and grown to be suited to their specific environment. The platypus is an example because over the years it has become vulnerable due to habitat loss caused by man.

Deforestation is contributing to threatened habitats. Humans are cutting down trees for reasons such as agricultural land. Trees are not only animal’s homes but they recycle our air and we are constantly chopping them down. Humans have cut down about 80% of the world’s natural forests which were once the home to many animals. The Amazon rainforest in South America is an example of deforestation as it has been partly deforested. Pollution is contributing to threatened habitats. We pollute the air by factories and we also pollute by the overuse of fertilizers which can end up in rivers, creeks and the ocean. When we pollute the ocean, it leads to things such as coral reef destruction. An example of marine pollution destroying habitats is when an oil tanker runs aground and the hull ruptures and oil is spilled into the ocean. It can destroy marine ecosystems, cover sea birds in oil, making them flightless and fish cannot breathe the mix of...
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