Threads of History

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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A.     Scientific management is the utilization of the scientific method to determine the best way of doing a job. For over 117 years, Springs Industries survived and along with it the management has evolved. The home-furnishings industry has changed on how resources are used to produce their goods, yet the product itself evolved, too, to meet customer standards. Scientific management is the best approach to use since it scrutinizes every given circumstances to arrive at the best solution. By using Scientific method, the company could establish its marketing strategies and could give promotions that would suffice seasonal problems. Conversely, quantitative approach is the use of statistical techniques for problem solving and the application of mathematical models to organizational processes. It is also called ‘Operations Research’ or ‘Management Science.’ This approach is best used in creating a better product and heightening sales, such as determining which design, color or material of their product is the best-seller, and/or resolving issues in getting resources and distributing products to the market. B.     Organizational behavior is the branch of learning that concerned with the actions of employees at work. Subjects like motivation, leadership, trust, teamwork and conflict have been studied through OB. There are only two responses to answer the importance of OB on the roles of the CEO and other top managers. It is either a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No.’ No, it is not necessary for the CEO and other top managers to understand OB. For as long as they do their jobs and are able to accomplish it, that would be enough. Yes, the CEO and other top managers would need to understand OB for them to become the most effective and the most efficient in their jobs and in dealing with their associates. Creating a good working environment- even under pressure- would be favorable for everyone, most especially by lower-level employees. With this, the whole organization would do better...
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